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The Truck has been Found
Below you will find the pics I took of the truck at the drop site (and one at the shop).

Thank you all for your concern and wishes, I do appreciate it. While the truck is found, it's still in the ICU; prognosis: unknown.

I have much larger fears to deal with it - which I'll post about shortly. For now, I'm glad it's abuse is over.

At the shop
After they unloaded it at the shop.
FORD: Found On Road Dead
This is the drop site, how it was found.
At the shop FORD: Found On Road Dead
What's left of the ignition mechanism. It starts with a screwdriver; thankfully they were kind enough to leave me one.
Front View
Again at the drop site. It's mostly intact - from an appearance standpoint anyway.
Ignition Front View
Rear View
The bed cover has been completely torn off; yet they left the rails. One of the tail-light covers was ripped off and found in the front seat. The window is opened entirely - enough so that someone could crawl through actually.
End of the Ride
Per the police, thieves will drive a vehicle out of gas... in this gas, they drove it until they blew a D-rated tire. I can drive through parking lots, with those parking block-curbs things, all day long and not blow a tire... they managed to do it though. There's just over half a tank of gas left.
Rear View End of the Ride

As far as catching the gutless pricks who did this... I asked the cop who called me about whether or they were gonna dust it and... get this: They don't dust for fingerprints on stolen cars - unless they catch the guy driving it. So... IF they see the guy driving a stolen vehicle - THEN they take his prints and see if they show up in the vehicle. Doesn't that seems a little BASS_ACKWARDS to you? This fucking asshole needs to be in the system, if he's not already - build a library of fingerprints - even if it's an unnamed identity... sooner or later you'll print a guy and find a match - then you can nail him for the 102 other crimes where you found his worthless piece of shit prints. Jesus h fucking christ - police much?

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maybe they used it for a drive-by shooting!? they could be in back or even shoot out from the back window at people. Why only use it for a half a tank of gas....? maybe they just moved furniture like I thought :)

Y'know... you really are the worst at giving support. Just sayin'...

They only used half a tank because they busted out the tire, I expect.

although I do worry about why they felt it was necessary to tear out the bedcover. i dont think it's because they needed to move a couch.

i'm sososososos happy you got your truck back. please, don't kill anyone...or do. you deserve it. fuckfuckfukckri93eu300-23=0123=0

man, I can't even imagine how beyond "angry" you are.

Hope it goes whichever way you want it to... totalled or fixable.

Hope they find the pieces of garbage wrapped in human skin that stole it. (But, I wouldn't hold your breath.)

Personal items still in there, or stolen?

Edit: Just read your next post. Disregard personal items question.

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(Deleted comment)
driving or not... that guy's prints don't belong in my car... accessory is good enough. accessory on 10 GTA's has to warrant jail time.

You could grab that CD that was on the floor... take it to a P.I., see if they could pull any prints and run 'em through a database to come up with any matches.

Now, I'm sure that'd cost a few bucks, and even if they find a name you probably wouldn't be able to prosecute, but you could show up late one night with a baseball bat, a blowtorch and a pair of vice grips.

Oh, just to negotiate about restitution, of course. But a really, really, hard-line negotiation. ;-)

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